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Protective Building

The key elements in the progress of SIGMA KARLSRUHE ENGINEERS design for PROTECTIVE BUILDING are:
Final state of protective bulding





Expertise Through Experience

Our knowledge is derived from a range of activities in the field of shelter construction techniques in which we have always provided successful solutions for protective building projects. The concepts of these solutions can be transferred directly to other situations or adapted to suit them.

We have access to specialised knowledge in all relevant protective building disciplines, which means that we are in a good position to judge the effectiveness of a proposed solution.

Our experience has shown that this knowledge can best be exploited when it is applied in the earlier phases of the design process when the very concepts are being defined.


Comprehensive Design Process

We seek to provide the best possible protection for a reasonable outlay. This we achieve by adopting a design procedure in which all the requirements of a project are given due consideration relative to their importance in the total picture.

This includes providing, at all stages of the procedure, proof of effective protection capability against weapon effects such as penetration, dynamic response, heat response and shock response.

Advanced Engineering Technology

The results of our activities in research and development manifest themselves in the ready access to advanced engineering technology, through which we are able to ensure the effectiveness of protective measures. This is based on careful study of the loadbearing 
behaviour of structures by means of both analytical and empirical methods. This makes it possible for us to provide useful and realistic predictions of the resistance of structures when subjected to weapon effects so that the degree of protection sought really is achieved.

The physical testing, when carried out, not only provides the ultimate proof of effectiveness which is close to reality but it is also an effective means of aiding the development of appropriate analytical design techniques.

from the Pure...

This brief report describes an example of SIGMA KARLSRUHE ENGINEERS approach, which enabled an appropriate solution to be found for a specific commission.

In order to establish the required degree of protection against an exceptional threat for the protective buildings involved, it seemed at first necessary to include a high level of steel reinforcement. However, both the vast quantity of steel needed and the complex nature of its placing pointed to prohibitively high costs. To overcome this problem, two chief measures were adopted:

a) The utilisation of the double corrugated liner sheeting as part of the composite shell, and
b) The arrangement of the reinforcement in a special castellated format.

... to the Applied

The effectiveness of this solution was substantiated by structural analysis, aided by physical tests, the results of which provide information about the behaviour of such structures, enabling the hardening of shelters to be achieved substantially more economically. Physical tests upon weapon effects such as penetration and explosion, which were carefully prepared, managed and evaluated by SIGMA KARLSRUHE ENGINEERS, provided the ultimate proof of effectiveness.

Advisory Support

We aim to assist our clients in developing suitable concepts for protective building and establishing appropriate design criteria for economic passive protection as an effective component of the defence system as a whole.



Planning and Design

We seek to provide effective and economic design solutions, which not only provide satisfactory protection for personnel and equipment against accident or attack but which also respond to the prevailing natural and technological environments.

Much importance is placed on the application of such structural techniques, so that the level of protection can keep pace with changes that occur in the nature of the threat. This enables our clients to avoid in their defence systems the inflexibility usually associated with passive protection measures.



Research and Development

We are engaged in research and development activities aimed at solving the technological problems that arise in practice and which cannot otherwise be satisfactorily addressed using traditional engineering technology. based merely upon experience and precedence. Our aim 
is not only to assess the protective potential of given structural concepts but also to evolve new concepts designed to exploit to the full the mechanical properties of materials and thus enhance the structural behaviour of buildings designed for protection.